Ready your javelin because Anthem demo files are now available for download

If anyone out there has pre-ordered Anthem (I wouldn’t blame you) you can start downloading the demo files today. Demo downloads are now live for PC (via Origin), PS4, and Xbox One. File sizes vary between platforms, but they are reported to be around 23GB at least.

The VIP demo event takes place from 25 to 27 January, so the super keen and financially frivolous can indulge in some exosuited, jetpack-enhanced, shoot-all-the-things action all weekend. You’ll also get an exclusive in-game item to show everyone how fancy and special you are. Since you can conquer anything with the power of friendship, VIPs are allowed to invite three friends to join them. So suit-up and share the love.

The Anthem VIP demo goes live from 19:00 SAST on Friday for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The rest of you plebs will have to wait for the regular demo on 1 February.

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