BioWare makes up for Anthem’s VIP demo wobbles by unlocking all four Javelin exosuits in this weekend’s public demo

Those of us inconvenienced by errors, connectivity problems, and the forever loading screen in the game’s VIP demo can look forward to a special, so-sorry-about-that present in the next demo, scheduled to go live this Friday. Previously limited to a single new Javelin exosuit unlock besides the standard-issue Ranger model, those players who took part in the event – or tried to – will now have unrestricted access to the entire dress-up locker at Fort Tarsis.

That means you’ll be able to choose between the Ranger (fighter), Colossus (barbarian), Storm (wizard), and Interceptor (rogue) models, without the tedious effort of actually working for them – at least until the game launches on 22 February, and you have to start over anyway.

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