It looks like Apple might be working on a new iPod Touch and some new iPads too

The idea of new iPads being crafted in the dark halls of Cupertino is hardly surprising, but reports of a 7th-gen iPod Touch in development are much less predictable. I mean, just last week I mentioned an iPod to my partner, who was born in 1993, and her unabridged response was “A what?”.

To me that was like I told her someone has designed a new car, and my lady friend had piped up “A what?”.

An iPod, kids. This whole thing makes me feel so old, I can pretty much hear my vertebrae crumbling under the weight of osteoporosis and existential dread. And I’m only 30. With eight years experience.

Right, so, programmer whose parents Steven Troughton-Smith spent some time digging through the iOS 12.2 code instead of doing something meaningful like buying shots of tequila for other humans or playing Steep (game of the year, every year, and don’t you listen to anyone who tells you otherwise), according to The Verge, and found reference to four new iterations of the iPad, as well as something to do with the iPod 9,1. Since the current iPod model is 6th-gen with a 7,1 product code, this is definitely… something.

We haven’t seen a fresh iPod for millions of years now, so this is probably quite exciting for Apple zealots. Okay, for me.

Remember… Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura?