You’ll be able to run in Fort Tarsis when Anthem launches, so that’s a 100% improvement

Previously designated a WALK ONLY zone for some stupid reason that probably involved an accident with scissors (mom told you), BioWare has confirmed that the ban on moving at a speed above “almost dead, probably” in Fort Tarsis will be suspended when the game drops next month.

Besides basic scissor-safety protocols, the limit was apparently imposed to remind players that they’re, like, mortal.

“We want it to feel like walking”, Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah told GamesRadar. “If you look at most video games, you’re sprinting everywhere and we gave you a jet pack machine for when you’re out in the world, and we really want it to feel like you’re just a person walking around and now you are that person in Iron Man armour.”

But that didn’t exactly work out, because it’s a game, not a thesis on the human condition, and shopping for some grenades shouldn’t be such a chore.

“There was a run speed that was in [the game]. And then for some reason it was out of the game for when that particular build [the VIP demo] was made,” he explains. “It is back in, in the main game, anyway.”

So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Anthem is out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on 22 February, preceded by a public demo this weekend.

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