Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s League Play is a timed exclusive on PS4, so dial your Dramageddon clocks to 11

Originally expected to launch in December, the game’s esports League Play feature is locked, loaded, and going live in mid-February, Treyarch has now confirmedBuuuuut, it’s “first on PS4”, as per the terms of one of those stupid promo deals between Sony and publisher Activision. No date is scheduled for the PC and Xbox One versions of the game – maybe it’s an extra week, or month, or whatever – but that hasn’t stopped the internet from being mad about it, anyway.

Who could have guessed.

Over on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 subreddit, the update has been met with sweary resentment and incredulity.

“Releasing a game mode that was promised to us MONTHS ago on PS4 first like its some surprise bonus content? That’s such a scummy move.”

“You don’t use something as a selling point, not include it when a product is released, delay it at every deadline you give, and then ignore those who question where it is. Everytime LP has been brought up they’ve never given a specific date, all they do is say “Soon™”, that’s why people are pissed. Wouldn’t be surprised if they delay LP til late February for PS4 and then early March for other platforms.”

“I’ve been waiting for months to get on my competive grind, and it’s again delayed.. Slap in the face as I’m an Xbox player too.”

“Imagine dropping a PROMISED AT LAUNCH MODE a week later because Playstation. Now that’s bullshit and there’s no excuse POSSIBLE for that.”

“I made a Reddit account just to come here and explain how fucking tormented it is that PS4 gets a basic game mode that everybody has ALREADY paid for that was advertised to be in at launch, first. You advertise something to be included at launch, wait halfway through the life cycle then drop it on specific consoles first as if there’s some binding agreement or any real excusable reason at all to hold our DAY ONE content 4 months later and then tell Xbox and PC to suck a phatty. Latest rumour: TDM in MW4 comes out on PS4 a week early cause yaknow that would make fuckin sense like man I’m sick of investing time, energy and my fucking money into a company that blatantly fucks my asshole raw. Time. And time. Again.”

“Delayed by 4 months and still PS4 first lmao.”

This isn’t even the game’s first big controversy. Activision’s decision to sell a season pass for premium DLC was not exactly popular, and microtransactions like this smiley reticle for $2 (R32) are perhaps most appropriately described as “LOLNO”.


But people buy this stuff anyway, so.

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