Fortnite presents Marshmello live at Pleasant Park

In what must be a first ever, electro DJ Marshmello is hosting a live show in Fortnite’s Pleasant Park football field this weekend. I don’t know how that even works, but Epic Games must have hired some AV Club nerds to sort it out because this is a thing that is totally happening.

Although the studio hasn’t actually confirmed it, Marshmello’s tour schedule includes a 2 February date at the venue, and according to Engadget, dataminers have excavated some Marshmello swag in the game’s most recent update. If that’s not enough proof, a stage is also under construction in the game.

Marshmello previously teamed up with Twitch megastar Ninja to win a Fortnite celebrity competition at E3, but this is… something else entirely. What next – Fortnite assassinates a major political leader, precipitating global nuclear war and the end of everything? You read it here first.

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