Take a shot in the dark with PUBG’s new Vikendi night version

After a week on the game’s test server, an update featuring the new Vikendi “Moonlight Mode” is now available to the public on PC, enshrouding the map’s sunny snowscape with the sombre and uncertain veil of dusk, and the feeling – a shiver, an unspoken dread – that somewhere, somebody is watching.

Besides the map variant, the update also adds the obligatory compilation of fixes and adjustments and things, although the snowbike expected as part of it has been delayed “due to critical issues negatively impacting gameplay”, whatever that means in a game where people can snipe each other from a million miles away. Oh, and something about a “secret location”, so that’s… intriguing. I bet it’s got guns in it.

A launch date for Xbox One and PS4 isn’t confirmed for the moment.

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