Eggceptional use of advertising space by Hulu

Internet nonsense is being used for good for once, as Hulu got in on the ovo-action over the weekend. With likes steadily decreasing with each post, the internet-famous egg had been showing some cracks of late, teasing a big reveal in partnership with Hulu. Well it finally happened during the Super Bowl, because Amurica, and it turns out it wasn’t a gross commercial tie-in for whatever new series Hulu has coming out, but rather a PSA for mental health awareness. Isn’t that nice for a change?

I mean, nice if you subscribe to Hulu since that was the only place you could actually see the ad. Instagram followers expressed a mixed reaction since many do not subscribe to the streaming service.

With its 10 million followers, brand deals with the world_record_egg would supposedly cost around $10 million, but nobody knows if Hulu actually paid that. Will other brands take a crack at it or is the egg finally past its sell-by date?

The egg’s name is Eugene, by the way. Of course it has a name.

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