Quadriga cryptocurrency CEO and only guy with the password dies (maybe?), locking over 100,000 suckers, I mean investors, out of almost $200 million maths-money, lol

Proving that you shouldn’t buy something you can’t smell, Canada’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange has filed for creditor protection since Quadriga founder and boss Gerald Cotten died in December 2018, taking the keys to the company’s bank – and exclusive access to funds of between $140 and $250 million – with him.

According to CNN, Cotten’s wife Jennifer Robertson claims in documents submitted to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court that his laptop is encrypted and “I do not know the password or recovery key”. Cotten kept his customers’ inventories in offline remote storage for security purposes, and managed business from that same laptop. As a consequence, approximately 115,000 Quadriga users are now stuck explaining the implications of “unregulated industry” to their spouses and why they have to sell the house.

More intriguing, however, is speculation on Reddit and other social media that Cotten isn’t even dead, with unverified allegations of that Quadriga’s accounts have recently processed a number of otherwise impossible transactions, rumours of insolvency problems, and the news that Cotten’s will was signed only two weeks before he died, naming his wife as sole executor of his estate and his two chihauhaus the recipients of some $100,000.

Can’t smell it? Don’t buy it.

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