It’s time to give space survival sandboxes another chance because Astroneer launches today

I know, I know, I know, the space survival sandbox genre usually makes a lot of promises it can’t keep, forgets your birthday, and tries to fix everything with shiny gifts, but all signs point to System Era’s Astroneer being different. Guys, it’ll be different.

For one, the launch announcement for Astroneer was pretty adorable:

Astroneer allows you to explore and terraform procedurally generated planets to your heart’s desire, oxygen-willing. Build a base, dig tunnels, and devastate all the natural resources you can find. Do it with friends! Astroneer includes cross-platform multiplayer and a narrative mode if the idea of a survival sandbox leaves you feeling a little lost. You also get to fiddle with all sorts of gadgets and customisation options. It looks like quite a bit of fun if you enjoy bending things to your will.

It’s been a while, so you might be interested in the evolution story below:

It’s time to strap on your space survival pants and keep hope alive; Astroneer is now available for PC and Xbox One.

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