Overcooked 2 gets a free helping of new things, including a survival mode

I’m sure there’s a “no such thing as a free lunch” dad joke in here somewhere, but let’s overlook that and get down to business. Ghost Town Games has added a buffet of free content to the delicious fight-starting cook-’em-up, Overcooked 2, and it’s all themed to neatly tie in with the Chinese New Year, which is happening right now.

There are seven new kitchens, making up a Chinese New Year mini-campaign, which bring their own unique obstacles, new dishes, a couple of new themed chefs, and a new preparation style too – the wok. Like we needed any more ways to ruin food and destroy friendships. Perhaps most exciting, though, is the addition of a survival mode, where you’re still cooking against the clock but now with time added for each successful dish served to the pass. Survival mode will be available across all existing Overcooked 2 kitchens.

Not bad for a freebie.

The Chinese New Year content is available now as part of the latest update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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