A new Devil May Cry 5 demo has busted out of hell

Haven’t decided if you want to spend R120,000 on the limited edition? Capcom’s demon fashion sim isn’t out until next month, so you’ve got time to work out a budget – but maybe this demo can help convince you that food isn’t even important if you keep hydrated, and humans existed without electricity and toilet paper for millions of years so you can probably take those off the shopping list too. That’s a lot cash saved, and think of the reduction in your carbon footprint. You’re not just saving cash, you’re saving the planet, so you can tell your spouse and kids that’s why Christmas is cancelled.

Or… maybe not.

The demo is out now on Xbox One and PS4, featuring Nero and his new Devil Breaker prosthetic robo-arm combos, and save data will include 30,000 bonus Red Orbs when the game launches on 8 March.

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