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Apex Legends announces Twitch Rivals kill-o-rama event

Making the most of its launch week hype, Respawn Entertainment has teamed up with Twitch for its own debut Twitch Rivals event, with $100,000 cash prizes up for the win. Over two weekends, 16 three-player squads from the US and EU comprising a total of 48 streamer megastars like shroudDrDisrespect, and DisguisedToast will jump into Kings Canyon to sort the Apex Legends from the Apex Noobz.

“Each squad will compete to earn the most points, with 5 points awarded for each match victory and 1 point awarded for each kill,” according to the competition rules. “To win, streamer squads have to show they’ve mastered the unique abilities of the game’s roster of Legends, plus they’ll have to make the most of Apex Legend’s new additions to the Battle Royale genre, like Smart Comms for improved call-outs and Respawn Beacons for defying death.”

The first round is scheduled for 12 February and the next on 19 February, and you can find out more about that over here.


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