REWIND THE WEEK: 4-8 February

This is REWIND THE WEEK – your one-stop go-to much-wow guide for what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s even going on this week, every week, until the end of the universe. Which could be tomorrow, so don’t be the guy who missed out.

Respawn’s (kind of) unexpected simultaneous livestream announcement and release of its next-gen, class-based battle royale megamix Apex Legends on Monday night has been this week’s BIG THING. The game clocked one million players in eight hours of launch, 2.5 million in 24 hours, and 10 million in 72 hours, and I expect that number is going up even as I type this. Are you one of those players? You should be. It’s a lot of fun.

It’s also free, which makes it a prospect for investors in Quadriga cryptocurrency who are now locked out of access to their money because the company’s CEO was the only guy with the password and he’s dead – or is he?

And on the subject of dead things, Machinima is dead. Booooo.

On the subject of other sorts of dead things, however, Dead Space creator Michael Condrey has moved to a new studio, with a debut project already in development that could be a new sci-fi survival horror game like Dead Space, but not actually Dead Space because EA owns the IP.

We’ve finished doing the sums in our super-mega survey, and it turns out 15.3 percent of you read NAG on the toilet. Me too! So even though I’m one of the only 9.3 percent of us who loves my Xbox One the most compared with 66.8 percent of you PC gamers and 21.1 percent PS4 fans, maybe we’re not actually so different, huh.

If you don’t have more important plans tonight, Valve is livestreaming its 2018 Steam Awards at 20:00 local time. Tune in to find out if games that weren’t even launched in 2018 were voted best games of 2018, and whether or not we should delete CS:GO and move on. Like, as a species.

Meanwhile in Trumperica, a politician has proposed new legislation that would impose an extra 10 percent tax on top of other sales taxes on violent video games, with the revenue funding additional safety and security projects in local school districts. That’s a tax on games to save kids from bad guys with guns, and we should probably also delete the US.

Next up, how big things in Star Wars are in comparison with your mom, 10 games you mustn’t miss on Xbox Game Pass, and a free copy of the original Crackdown. Also, your first look at Milla Jovovich in the Monster Hunter movie, you perv.


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