This GTA V cheater has to pay over $150,000 in damages, and let this be a lesson that crime does pay, kids, but not how you think

A New York federal court has ordered Florida resident Jhonny Perez to pay $150,000 plus $66,868 in legal costs to Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive for copyright infringement, and banned him from creating and distributing mods for the publisher’s games. CONSEQUENCES ARE REAL.

Perez developed and sold the “Elusive” GTA V cheat mod, which let players generate infinite in-game cash – breaking the game’s microtransaction economy and “discouraging users from further purchases and gameplay”, according to the ruling, with an estimated $500,000 revenue loss for Take-Two Interactive.

According to TorrentFreak, Perez didn’t even respond to the lawsuit or show up in court, prompting a default judgement of the state’s maximum statutory in his absence while he presumably hangs out on a jetski somewhere waiting for his wanted level to go down.


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