BioWare is “definitely not done” with the Mass Effect franchise, in case you forgot

This is our semi-annual reminder that despite Mass Effect: Andromeda’s somewhat, um, controversial reception with fans, the series isn’t in hypersleep on a penal colony ship going into a black hole.

“We’re definitely not done with Mass Effect. There’s a lot of stories to be told. We could pull on the threads we put down with Andromeda; we could pull on threads from Mass Effect 3. There’s a lot of interesting space to be explored,” BioWare’s executive produce Mark Darrah tells Polygon.

Whatever it’s going to be, though, it won’t be out for some time – with Anthem prepping to launch at the end of the month, and new Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic games in development, things are kind of busy in the Edmonton office. But Mass Effect is totally not dead.

“In my mind, it’s very much alive,” adds studio manager Casey Hudson. “I’m thinking all the time about things that I think will be great. It’s just a matter of getting back to it as soon as we can.”

In a video commemorating Mass Effect’s N7 Day fan event in November, Hudson dropped a not exactly ambiguous tease about a future sequel of some sort so, you know, that too.

Tune in for the next update whenever.

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