Twitch bans deadmau5 for using a gross homophobic insult, triggers internet broflakes

Because apparently calling somebody a “fucking cock-sucking stream sniper fag” in the middle of a PUBG stream was a joke, and something SJWs something free speech something boohoo you can’t even be an asshole without consequences anymore.

Anyway, Twitch suspended Joel “deadmau5” Zimmerman’s account for violation of its service terms, so he deleted his entire channel, and now people are offended that other people are offended. Welcome to This Week’s Controversy.

Over on Reddit, Zimmerman explained that he’s finished with Twitch’s “double standards”, and besides, it’s not even his fault, it’s the narc who reported it.

The post has since been scrubbed, but you can click through to the thread for the usual excuses that EVERYBODY DOES IT and THAT MAKES IT OKAY and BETA CUCKS. Or don’t click through and save your eyes the roll.

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