Xbox One not feeling the love with latest Apex Legends update

Respawn got everyone some pretty skins for Valentines, except they didn’t fit Xbox so now she’s crying in the bathroom and doesn’t want to play anymore. That’s the technical summary of what happened with the latest Apex Legends update.

The 2.13.2019 patch went live today, but Respawn discovered an “unfortunate issue” that only appears to affect Xbox One players. By unfortunate, they mean the game crashes so you can’t play it. Unfortunate. The issue is related to the new “Through the Heart” Longbow Epic DMR skin and the existing Gibraltar Daemon Hunter and Neural Net skins. These skins have since been disabled.

There’s also a separate issue, just for Xbox One, in which players are unable to play as Mirage or Caustic once they are unlocked. Which is also kind of a big deal.

Updates that did not break the Xbox One include the, limited edition, “Live Die Live” Banner Badge (only available to earn until the 19th) and a whole host of stability, performance, and bug fixes. You can find the full patch notes in Respawn’s Reddit post.

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