Netflix and Hasbro hoping for a critical hit with Stranger Things D&D tie-in

It took them three seasons, but the most obvious TV gaming tie-in in history is finally on its way: Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons.

Play through Mike’s Hunt For The Thessalhydra campaign as one of the Stranger Things characters (bagsies anyone other than Will) with this starter set, suitable for D&D noobs and veterans alike. The set contains everything you need to get going: the adventure book, rules, character sheets, and even six polyhedral dice. You also get two Demogorgon figurines, one of which you can paint yourself. True to the 80s theme, the box features retro artwork and looks like its been crammed in the back of a cupboard, somewhere between your Castle Grayskull and a pile of Panini sticker books, for the past 30 years.

So, fireballs at the ready and don’t confuse this Demogorgon with the Demogorgon that already exists in the D&D universe. Although I can see how that might happen. What with them having the same name and all. I do feel like “Demogorgon Prime” would win in a fight between the two, since one has two heads, can fly, and is all kinds of magic, while the other was outwitted by a bunch of meddling kids.

The Hasbro Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons set will be released 1 May 2019. It’s not clear where, or if, this will be available locally, so your best bet is probably Amazon. Season 3 of Stranger Things releases on Netflix 4 July 2019.

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