CLICKBAIT: Visualising frequencies, VR painting, and why Will Smith turned down The Matrix

Clickbait is your weekly wrap up of interesting and must-watch videos you’ve missed this week. This list is produced as a result of procrastination, caffeine, and late-night YouTube link surfing. Some videos will amaze you and some will bore you to death – you’ve been warned. Also, check out the secret link at the end of the article.

Why I turned down The Matrix – Will Smith

Fans of The Matrix may or may not know that Will Smith was asked to play the role of Neo first, but he turned it down. In his latest Storytime vlog, Will Smith tells the story of how and why he turned down the lead role in The Matrix.

Talking tech and saving the world with Bill Gates

If you haven’t been following Marques Brownlee’s new interview series, where have you been? In the latest episode, he interviews the one and only Bill Gates, and the two talk tech and saving the world.

Virtual reality painting

Did you know that there are so many more uses for VR than just gaming? YouTuber AnnaDreamBrush has an incredible series of paintings and exhibitions she’s done in VR. This is truly mesmerising.

Visualising frequencies in slow-mo

Everything looks better in slow motion and these guys make it look really good.  In this episode Gav and Dan discover the secrets of the ocean and experiment with energy, frequency and vibration.

The story of PUBG

Battle Royale games are all the rage these days and there are games to suit almost every type of gamer. But before Fortnite and Apex Legends, a little indie game set the bar for the BR games you enjoy today. Here’s the story of PUBG and a little insight into Player Unknown himself.

Mind-blowing iPhone card trick

James Corden recently had magician Justin Flom on his show, and the trick that he showed had everyone gobsmacked – I mean just look at that video thumbnail. Check it out.

Grimes – Oblivion

Here’s a little piece of trivia for you – who is Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend and the person he is trying to keep out of an investor lawsuit at Tesla over his tweet to take the company private? The answer is Grimes. She’s a singer, songwriter, record producer and visual artist. Here’s a tune off her 2012 album Visions.














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