New Apex Legends heroes, guns, and some sort of survival mode leak out of Kings Canyon R&D lab

That’s according to code references excavated from the game’s files by dataminers, anyway, so this isn’t verified until it is and we can pretend to be, like, omg, and who even knew about the solo and duos modes.

Info from @RealApexLeaks features two new classes, Octane and Wattson, two new guns, the Havoc Rifle and L-Star EMG, and a survival mode with kill replays. Octane is equipped with a “Stim Injection” ability (something like Titanfall’s Stim speed booster, maybe?) and Wattson with a deployable “Tesla Trap”. Wattson. Like electricity. I get it. Besides these guys, @ApexLeaksNews also cites Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, and Skunner as other potential new classes.

And over on Gaming INTEL, “sources” claim a team deathmatch mode is also in development, plus the C.A.R. SMG and Proto Hold Beam guns.

Respawn should probably get a plumber in.



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