Rub-a-dub-dub, IKEA boats collecting trash in a tub

Being environmentally conscious is to large manufacturers what being body positive is to beauty brands, and today’s entrant into the “save the Earth and look cool doing it” club is Swedish DIY chain IKEA. The company recently launched a trash-collecting tugboat called the Good Ship IKEA, two models of which were being tested out in Deptford Creek, southeast London this month.

The little-boats-that-could are remote operated, giving the user a first person aquatic view in the same way that drones do for aerial views. Capable of hauling just under 10 kilos of rubbish (or debris, if you’re feeling generous) each, these boats could be the next phase of tech-driven job losses – I mean, environmental innovation – which will help to keep rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water clear of the many tons of trash that humans dump every year.

The two inaugural Good Ship IKEAs, whose design is based on a bath toy called SMÅKRYP which the company also sells (and yes, it’s 100% renewable because you have to stay on brand), will be donated to Hubbub, which is a sustainability charity operating in the UK.

Via Engadget.

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