Bethesda bans the one guy who loves Fallout 76

With over 900 hours (!) clocked in the game, Reddit user Glorf12 is probably Fallout 76’s most dedicated player – but, does it even count as “most” if he’s also the game’s only dedicated player? Dunno, but it doesn’t matter to Bethesda’s customer support Protectrons, because he’s been evicted from the wasteland for, uh, accumulating too much ammo. Criminal codes are kind of different in the post-apocalypse, apparently.

A screenshot of the email from Bethesda explains that his two accounts have been suspended for “exploiting” the game, citing Glorf12’s inventory of more than 100,000 “rare in-game items” between them.

“I have never had such a ridiculous amount of ammo. What I have done, however, is trade ammo back and forth between my main and secondary account as I try to decide on what guns I aim to focus on. Given the sheer amount of time I have spent playing I have legitimately collected ludicrous amounts of ammo,” Glorf12 explains, adding that he’s used perks like Bandolier and Ammosmith to carry and craft extra ammo.

“My theory now is that the system is able to detect when you pick something up, but not where you got it from, nor if you dropped it. It seemingly just keeps a totals tally.”

I can’t decide what’s worse – that the game’s item management is so broken, or that Glorf12 has kept on playing for 900 HOURS OMG.

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