Huawei unveils foldable Mate X smartphone

Amidst the intense governmental scrutiny under which Huawei has found itself recently, the company has taken the wraps off its latest product – a foldable smartphone called the Mate X – at a press conference ahead of the week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The launch comes only a few days after Samsung introduced the world to its, slightly larger, Samsung Fold smartphone. Interestingly, the Huawei Mate X folds a little differently to Samsung’s offering, showing just how much these companies are looking for some marketable difference between their foldable products. Where the Samsung foldable smartphone folds inwards, hiding the screen, the Huawei folds the other way. This means that the Huawei Mate X’s screen is visible on the front and back when folded.

Unfolded, the Huawei Mate X offers a large 8-inch viewable screen but when folded you’ll find a front 6.6-inch display and a rear 6.38-inch display. There are no in-screen front-facing cameras, and instead, Huawei opted to place the camera array on the back-side of the phone – still accessible to selfie fans when the phone is folded. The Mate X will also feature 5G support out of the box.

Talking at the launch event, Huawei CEO, Richard Yu said that the Mate X has a durability rating for 100,000 folds and will be retailing for around $2,600 (or around R40,000). The phone will be released to the public around the middle of the year but there’s no confirmation on local availability for now.

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