The robot uprising has come for our rental scooters

You say “software bug”, I say initial wave in the coming robot apocalypse, as Lime’s e-scooters are recalled and removed from the streets, in Switzerland and New Zealand, for violently ejecting their riders.

Lime scooters are used in a number of countries as an alternative method of rental transportation to bicycles. Some people just like to scoot, okay? You can pick them up and drop them off anywhere you like, which makes them an obvious target for theft and abuse. To stop people scooting off into the sunset, Lime scooters are designed to be remotely immobilised, via the internet, if your credit runs out. They also stop working if you abuse them, I assume by doing rad kicky flips an’ shit. Lime has no time for your radness.

Turns out the remote immobilisation feature may be at the root of a bug that is causing some scooters to stop abruptly, mid-scoot, flinging their riders over the handlebars. Lime says that “in very rare cases—usually riding downhill at top speed while hitting a pothole or other obstacle—excessive brake force on the front wheel can occur, resulting in a scooter stopping unexpectedly.”

I don’t know, hey, sounds like the scooters know exactly what they’re doing.

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