Overwatch adds combat medic Baptiste to its hero roster

Overwatch hero Baptiste

The 30th hero to join Blizzard’s Overwatch is an ex-Talon combat medic named Baptiste. He made some bad life choices, after being orphaned during the Omnic Crisis, and now he’s looking to do some good. Sometimes, shooting people in the face is the good option, alright?

With no actual details on what this hero is all about yet, we have to make assumptions based on the origin story trailer. It seems that Baptiste will be a mixture of DPS and support, but maybe you have to pick one since he’s all about making choices? He’s also got that eye target headset thing so I imagine accuracy is one of his strengths too.

Will he be enough to disrupt the GOATS/3-3 meta trend that has permeated Overwatch League? Does it even need disrupting? Tanks need love too! If you are unaware of the 3-3 play style, it involves selecting a team of three tanks and three supports and just, sort of, rolling over the damage dealers. This  generally makes the matches less entertaining for spectators, but it is a winning strategy.

There is no official release date for Baptiste as yet, but he is expected to appear soon.

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