This top-down Half-Life is probably the Half-Life 3 we deserve

Want to experience the joy of Half-Life the way it was never meant to be played? No? Too bad, because a top-down mod exists and it’s about as awkward as you expect.

This clever mod, created by Sockman111, replaces the familiar, first-person camera with a top-down one, creating an experience reminiscent of Hotline Miami and countless other top-down shooters. However, even the modder isn’t sure the entire game is actually playable this way.

There are two camera options: the fixed height version that lets you see more of the map, but also the glaring red void beyond, or the more zoomed-in version that stays within the bounds of the void, but cuts down on your field of vision. In order to make it more playable, a number of other adjustments had to made such as tweaking the auto-aim and increasing the angles at which objects can be interacted with.

The gameplay video gave me a bit of a headache, but then so did the actual Half-Life so that’s nothing new.

Sockman111 is very open to suggestions, so grab your crowbar and get ready to flail awkwardly at some headcrabs, in the name of science.

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