The Alien: Isolation digital series is out today so all the scaredy cats will finally know how it ended

Amanda Ripley on the Sevastopol hiding from the xenomorph in Alien Isolation

If, like me, you were too much of a scaredy pants to finish the game, boy, do I have news for you: Alien: Isolation is getting a digital series. All of the fun, none of the responsibility for keeping Amanda alive. Thank God.

I didn’t make it very far past the part of the game where you have to actually hide from the xenomorph, with the breath holding and such, but I enjoyed Alien: Isolation up until then, so I will probably watch this. Fox has teamed up with Reverse Engineering Studios and DVgroup to develop the seven-episode digital series. It apparently combines cut scenes from the game with new animation, and first-person game footage, to create a fully rounded story.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Alien: Isolation takes place 15 years after the Nostromo space freighter disappears and you play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, who has come to the Sevastopol space station to investigate a lead in her quest to find her missing mother. Because this is the Alien franchise, shit gets real, and then you stop playing, because you’re a wuss.

All seven episodes of Alien: Isolation The Digital Series will debut on IGN today at 19:00 SAST.

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