BlackBerry sues Twitter, claims the social media platform is “diverting” its sales

In a desperate attempt to re-establish its relevance in a market that moved on from BBM in 2012, the Canadian mobile devices company has filed a lawsuit alleging that Twitter infringed multiple patents for the “innovative user interface and functionality enhancing features that made BlackBerry’s products such a critical and commercial success” – including push notifications and conversation muting. We can only assume BlackBerry is also suing every other social media platform and mobile device company too.

As a result, according to Engadget, BlackBerry claims that Twitter has “succeeded in diverting consumers away from [its] products and services”. Yes, it’s totally those Twitter push notifications that’s stopped people buying BlackBerry phones, and not the KEY2’s embarrassing failure to keep up with hardware trends and buyers’ expectations.

BlackBerry has previously filed similar lawsuits against Facebook and Snap, both of which are pending resolution with the US District Court in California.

Has being able to mute conversations on Twitter stopped you from buying a BlackBerry phone? Discuss.


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