Leaked image from branding guide for upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film

Leaked images of movie Sonic the Hedgehog reveal that he may have skipped leg day after all

We got our first look at movie Sonic the Hedgehog back in December 2018 and that steamy, furry, muscular silhouette gave the internet some feelings. Now, we’ve gotten a proper look at the titular blue “hedgehog” and maybe they should’ve left the lights off.

Thanks to a leaked branding guide by Hamagami / Carroll, Inc. we get a sneak peek at what Sonic potentially looks like in his upcoming movie, and I’m sad to report that his calves are looking a little deflated.

Leaked branding guide image for upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film

He looks pretty much like a rounded-out, fuzzy version of his original self except they have made the wise decision to separate his eyes, so they’re not one continuous visor of white. Intriguingly, his gloves appear to have been a lie this whole time since it now looks like they are made up of the same fur that’s on his arms. For some reason the 3D treatment makes his lack of pants more troubling to me than it was before. Is that just me?

Leaked images from Sonic the Hedgehog film branding guide

You’ll be glad to know that Sonic is also officially described as “chill and likeable” and “mischievous but not malicious”. What a charmer.

This is a leaked document so maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors to throw us off the musky scent of that swole Sonic from the initial poster. You’ll just have to wait until 8 November 2019 to find out.

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