Our NAG magazine archive is broken, please standby

Those of you jonesing to get your nostalgia fix with our archive of vintage-digital NAG magazines are going to have to try booze instead. Actually, maybe not booze. Something else. A KitKat? The peanut butter ones are rad.

Anyway, a recent update to the CMS plugin we use to link images to PDF files has glitched out, the links got nuked, and the entire website stopped working. I’ve disabled the plugin for now, but until a new update resolves this problem, I can’t restore those links. And restoring those links is a chore, so even when the plugin is updated, I’m gonna need some time and a lot of booze. I mean a KitKat.

I apologise for the inconvenience, but won’t somebody think of my inconvenience? Whiskey is expensive, yo.

Monster Hunter Film
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