Diablo is out now on GOG like it’s 1996 but with hi-res support like it’s 2019

Avert thine eyes from that profane, blasphemous abomination Diablo Immortal, and gaze instead upon a virtuous tribute of nostalgia and be comforted in this hour of despair.

For the first time ever, Blizzard’s definitive loot-’em-up is available to download (from a, uh, reputable source, anyway), with its digital debut on GOG. According to the product blurb, a new launcher also lets you choose between the original 20 FPS SVGA graphics or an “updated version” of the game, with hi-res support and “a host of bug fixes”, plus co-op matchmaking for up to four players through Battle.net or a local network. For maximum authenticity, try connecting two Windows 95 PCs with a printer cable via the LPT ports and setup the config through TCP/IP – 50 percent of the time, it works 10 percent of the time! Or not ever. You kids don’t even know.

“We were bummed that these iconic games weren’t available to our players, so we‘re very happy to work with the crew at GOG.com to rectify that,” says Blizzard vice-president Rob Bridenbecker in the press stuff. “This has been a long time coming and we hope our players will be excited to jump back into these classic titles.”


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