This custom replica cat head is as creepy as it’s on my shopping list

For reasons that can probably best be explained with “because Japan”, a modelling company in Tokyo has introduced a new service making custom, ultra-realistic replicas of people’s pets’ heads. So, you know, you can wear it and confirm what your cat already knows – you’re a disgrace, Becky, and you’re going to die alone, and I’ll probably, definitely eat you.

Cat head replica My Family Japan 2
But maybe I won’t eat you. That’s like the ultimate rejection, Kevin. Not even a cat will touch your disgusting body. Now go clean my litterbox.

According to this awkward Google translation of the original press release, your one-of-a-kind My Family replica “contains a wish that you can feel free to transform into animals with a real mask and make your life more exciting than usual, to be fun”. Using photos as a reference, the artists at workshop 91 will sculpt and decorate a clone of your chonkmonster that you can use for your next holiday cards – conveniently also confirming that you won’t be bringing a plus-one to Christmas lunch without actually having to explain why.

Fokof Lager’s kiff kollectible Mortal Kombat 11 kans are gonna FINISH YOU, boet