Clickbait: Game of Thrones, a R250,000 gaming PC, and a start guide for new Apex Legends players

Clickbait is your weekly wrap up of interesting and must-watch videos you’ve missed this week. This list is produced as a result of procrastination, caffeine, and late-night YouTube link surfing. Some videos will amaze you and some will tickle your funny bone. Also, don’t forget to check out the secret link at the end of the article.

Game of Thrones season 8 trailer

Let’s be honest, we’re all eagerly awaiting the next series of Game of Thrones not because of the intricate storyline, but because we want to see more of the dragons, right? In what is perhaps one of the most anticipated series of the year, season 8 is also set to be the last in the series.

Acer Thronos R250k gaming chair review

The Acer Thronos is one of the most impressive gaming rigs you’ll see this year. With a cocoon-like shell that wraps around you, you’ll likely never leave once you are settled in. The Acer Thronos features a high-end Acer Orion 9000 PC with three 27-inch LCD monitors and a dual GeForce 1080Ti setup. You have to see this thing in action.

When a real cop plays GTA V, as a cop

What happens when you give the controller to a cop and ask them to play GTA V? This video from the guys over at Buzzfeed did just that with some hilarious results.

Explosives expert rates unrealistic movie explosions

We’ve all seen one of those movies where the actors walk away from an explosion in truly overly dramatic fashion. In this video, Columbia University explosives engineer Rodger Cornell rates 10 movie explosion scenes based on how realistic they are.

The world’s coolest bank notes

They say cash is king, but in our digital era cash is facing a steep uphill battle against digital currencies. In this video, YouTuber Half-Asleep Chris looks at some of the coolest bank notes from around the globe.

Apex Legends, a quick start guide

The newest and hottest game everyone is talking about at the moment is Apex Legends. As a PUBG fan I’ve not yet jumped over to try it out but I came across this guide that gave me some basic tips and tricks to get started.

Weezer – Africa (starring Weird Al Yankovic)

A classic song gets a classic remake featuring everyone’s favourite parody musician, Weird Al. Covering Toto’s hit tune, Africa, Weezer pulls out all the stops to keep the song true to its original.





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