A new Twitter account documents which game dogs can be petted and this is very important news

Everyone loves a game dog, except maybe psychopaths, so the good people at Can You Pet the Dog? are confirming which dogs can be petted, in order to streamline your pupper-strewn playthroughs for maximum loves.

It’s a pretty straightforward Twitter feed – visual confirmation is logged, per game that contains a dog (or doglike equivalent), for which dogs can and cannot be petted. The game must allow manual petting, with visual representation of the act, for it to qualify.

The account only started tweeting this month and already has 81,000 followers, proving that people have a burning desire to show these game dogs that they are the goodest of bois. It is helping inform people’s purchasing decisions as well as exposing some extremely controversial bias in the industry. This is science.

Why would you want to pet them? They’re all good dogs, Bront.

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