Mouse Guard is getting a movie so maybe the world isn’t as terrible as it seems

Mouse Guard is, stay with me on this, a graphic novel series about a medieval order of warrior mice sworn to protect the civilians of their rodent realm from threats near and far. It is written and illustrated by David Petersen, has won two Eisner Awards, and is lovely. Now it is also getting a feature film adaptation.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has already started casting for the film, with Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Maze Runner, Game of Thrones) set to voice youngster Lieam, and Andy Serkis to voice villainous blacksmith Midnight.

Mouse Guard will be shot using motion capture provided by the WETA workshop; words that essentially summon Andy Serkis whenever they are uttered. Here’s hoping for better CG rodent representation than we got from the latest version of Watership Down.

The film will be directed by Wes Ball (all of the Maze Runner) and production is expected to begin in May.


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