Sega has suspended sales of Yakuza spin-off Judgement because one of the actors got busted for drugs

Pierre Taki, who plays Kyohei Hamura in Sega’s Yakuza spin-off Judgement (or Judgement Eyes, depending on who you ask), has been arrested for alleged cocaine use by Japan’s Narcotics Control Department, prompting publisher Sega to slam the brakes on sales of both the digital and physical versions of the game.

Investigators searched his Tokyo home and car after receiving tips regarding Taki’s drug use, who should have known better since Japan has zero chill when it comes to illegal substances. Those searches turned up no evidence of cocaine, according to a report by, but investigators clearly had great faith in the information gleaned from those snitches because they went on to take a urine sample from the actor, which resulted in a positive result for cocaine use.

The game is currently set for a worldwide release later this year, but it remains to be seen if this development will affect that at all. Also, Walt Disney Japan might also have something to say about Pierre Taki being the voice of Frozen’s Olaf in Japan… I’m not sure this chap should be allowed so close to all that snow. Perhaps he should let it go. He’s clearly crossed a line.

Via Kotaku.

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