Fortnite vending machines contain a bug since latest patch

Fortnite vending machines can be tricked into giving you free stuff, no, EXTRA free stuff

The new 8.10 update for Fortnite gave us many important things and one of those things is an exploit that gets you free loot from the vending machines. I mean, more free loot than you’re supposed to get.

One of the update features included a change to the behaviour of vending machines. There are no longer common and uncommon tiers of machines, so loot is always high-tier, but you also only get one item before the machine explodes. The item is free, so it all works out.

According to the FortniteBR subreddit, there is a bug in the game that allows multiple people to get a free item before the machine explodes, all it takes is a little team work and synchronisation. Apparently, if all team members press the button at exactly the same time, you all get the item. Channel your K-Pop-level coordination and everyone’s a winner, or be a dick and jump the gun, whatever works for you.

Epic has already noticed this exploit, however, probably because everyone’s talking about it (including us narcs), so get your most coordinated friends together and abuse those vending machines before the next patch rolls in. Or, I guess, don’t, because of ethics or whatever. Free stuff!

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