Now you can stream PC games to your Xbox One

Microsoft has launched its Wireless Display app, enabling users to stream content from Windows and Android devices to console. The app uses magic Miracast to connect your PC or phone or whatever to your Xbox One via your home wifi setup, so you can play Steam games on your TV or even – as the blurb optimistically suggests – “project your favorite websites with Microsoft Edge to the biggest screen in your house”. Optimistically? I mean desperately.

The Wireless Display app also features multiple latency modes optimised for gaming and media, but unless you can fold space-time, you can probably expect some lag.

Because keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One is kind of limited for now, the app works with a controller only and chat pad is required for typing. You also can’t stream Netflix or Hulu, presumably due to service restrictions, but the Xbox One has apps for those so why would you even try that, mom.

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