Pet Sematary remake will be available in 4DX and you probably won’t come back the same

As if the remake of Pet Sematary didn’t look creepy enough, they’re also making some screenings available in 4DX, for people that have nothing left to live for.

4DX has traditionally been associated with big budget blockbusters, letting you feel the action, the wind in your hair, the rain on your face; it can even do scents. Which is why 4DX Pet Sematary should worry you, being a movie that revolves around dead things coming back to life.

Based on the classic Stephen King novel of the same name, Pet Sematary is essentially a tale about a young family that moves to a new home and really should have just built a fence, like really. There’s also a cat and some good old-fashioned corpse resurrection. It was already adapted into a film back in 1989, which was a creepy as balls, and this new one looks like it will contain even more, Achilles-clutching terror.

So, a 4DX version feels like an exercise in self-harm.

Pet Sematary will be in cinemas, and freshening up your nightmares, from 19 April 2019. It’s unclear if it will be available in 4DX locally, but I’ll hold thumbs for those of you that do not value your dreams.

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