Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic fashion sim The Division 2 is out today, so it’s time to plan your ensemble

Much more important than saving the world, as every Division agent knows, is looking good while you do it. And with the sequel swapping out the previous game’s winter catalogue of unflattering puff jackets and bulky snowpants for a new mid-summer range, your wardrobe prospects are HOT HOT HOT.

Dress up to get down in this trendy, two-tone cinderblock-grey microfibre athleisure jumper, featuring double-stitched pleating, ribbed cuffs, three-quarter sleeves, and thermoplastic polymer coil zippers, with mesh-lined pockets at the waist. Under this, a basic off-white tee creates a casual layered effect, over a pair of lightweight twill cargo pants with felled seams, in a mil-vogue moss green semi-distressed overwash. Completing this contemporary utility collection is a stylish tactical backpack accessory with a hip belt, flexible foam-padded straps, and additional quick-access storage pouches, made of ultra-durable ballistic nylon and waterproof, silicone-reinforced webbing in a versatile slate and charcoal combo, and functional high-density polyurethane kneepads in a complementary mottled steel lacquer finish, and no, I’ve got nothing else to do on a Friday afternoon.

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