Love Death + Robots

Are you watching Love, Death + Robots?

Because you should be. This multi-genre anthology compilation includes 18 unconventional animated short films you probably shouldn’t watch with mom, featuring graphic sex, violence, and (sometimes) robots. With credits including Deadpool director Tim Miller and master of the macabre David Fincher, the series is a mashup of cult classic sci-fantasy film Heavy Metal and techno-dystopian TV show Black Mirror that asks provocative existential questions like “what if yoghurt became sentient and took over the world?”.

Each episode is between about five and 20 minutes in length, spanning a megamix of sci-fi and cyberpunk, fantasy, horror, dark comedy, and alternate history, and although some perhaps get stuck in wincing, adolescent boys’-club smut – this is obviously subjective, but what kind of dickhead wastes the limited quantities of alcohol available on a spaceship by dumping a bottle of wine on some lady’s boobs? IT’S NOT EVEN SEXY, AND NOW THERE’S NOTHING TO PAIR WITH THE REHYDRATED STEAK-PASTE YOU SELFISH ASSHOLE – others make up for it with compelling narratives and meaningful exposition on the human condition. Also, cats.

Love, Death + Robots is out now on Netflix.

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