Cyberpunk 2077 to feature… Lady Gaga?

That’s according to the somewhat dubious authority of anonymous people on the internet, so keep this one filed under MAYBE for now – but this is what’s what.

Citing “sources close to the studio”, French website ActuGaming claims the singer has recently been in and out of the Cyberpunk 2077 developer’s offices in Warsaw, Poland. The Google translation of the article is super awkward, but explains that “from what we know, the artist would have gone to CD Projekt Red to potentially perform a performance in motion-capture”.

This speculation is backed up (kind of?) by this otherwise inscrutable response by the game’s Twitter account to one of Lady Gaga tweets from 2012, implying some sort of collaboration between them.

The game is confirmed for E3 in June, so I guess we’ll find out more then. Or not.

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