Battlefield V Firestorm

Battlefield V’s first Firestorm map is the biggest ever in the series by, like, a lot

Ahead of the game’s battle royale mode deployment next week, DICE has revealed its enormous new Halvøy megamap, measuring ten times the size of Battlefield V’s previous biggest ever map Hamada. Although its actual dimensions aren’t confirmed for the moment, Hamada comes in at about 1,500 x 500 metres, so you do the maths.

In Firestorm, up to 64 players are divided up in 16 squads of four, and dropped in on parachutes. Much like other battle royale modes but with some unique Battlefield revamping, teams must collaborate to secure objectives, weapons, and vehicles (including tanks, helicopters, and… tractors, for some reason), while avoiding the ever-shrinking circle of doom.

Battlefield V’s Firestorm mode launches on 25 March.

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