Red Dead Online is getting an update that will hopefully reduce the griefing

An update’s a-comin’ for Red Dead Online, so you best giddy up and get ready to ride

Rockstar has been learning from the Red Dead Online beta and there are quite a few changes coming to the free-roaming western deathfest.

For starters, there’s the Hostility system; if some jackass attacks you without provocation, they will immediately be marked as an enemy and you won’t increase your Bounty or Hostility level when you defend yourself. Taking part in events, missions, showdowns, or races won’t increase your Hostility, but harassing those that are not taking part will.

There will also be two options of play style – offensive and defensive. Defensive is for those of us that like to avoid confrontation and would rather just roam the world, astride their prettiest pony, without fear of being lassoed by a passing sociopath. Yes, Defensive players cannot be lassoed. They also cannot be locked onto or lock on to other players, nor can they deliver or receive critical hits. If you were thinking of taking potshots at the bunny botherers, they’re immune to headshots too. Defensive players can, obviously, defend themselves, but I imagine a vengeance-fueled rampage would remove your precious Defensive status.

Other updates include additions to the A Land of Opportunities missions, new free roam mission givers and mission types, new dynamic events, and updates to the character creator, Daily Challenges, and weapons, amongst many other things. Some familiar faces will even be popping up on your dusty travels.

The Red Dead Online update is due for release in the US spring, which is our autumn, which is pretty much upon us, so… soon.

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