Quantic Dream is launching its games on PC

The French studio has announced that Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain will be available on the Epic Games Store sometime this year, with subsequent releases on Steam and other PC distribution platforms in 2020. Until now, Quantic Dream has released its games (almost) exclusively on PlayStation consoles, but since a substantial investment from Chinese megacorp NetEase in January, that deal is over.

“[Co-CEO] David Cage and I have planned the next evolution of Quantic Dream very carefully,” other co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière tells The Verge.“The move to PC constitutes our studio’s first effort to develop non PlayStation exclusive games in over 13 years, but also an opportunity to gradually engage the team on multiple projects at the same time.”

The decision to launch first on the Epic Game Store is probably going to be somewhat controversial, however. As more publishers and developers move over to Epic’s platform – including Ubisoft, Deep Silver, and most recently Obsidian with The Outer Worlds – the internet outrage machine has been dialling its Wrath-O-Meter to max in response to the treachery and defiance of Our Supreme Galactic Emperor GabeN. Or whatever, I dunno.

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