Chinese police dog clone, Kunxun, is the first in an experimental police dog cloning project

China clones police dog, creates the goodest of all the girls

We all know how much time copying and pasting can save, well China has just taken that to the extreme by cloning a superior police dog in an effort to save time and money.

The result is a two-month-old, female Kunming wolfdog named Kunxun. According to China Daily, she was cloned from Huahuangma, a police dog with an impeccable detective record and knack for hunting down murderers. Since it can take four to five years, and cost half a million yuan (over a million rand), to train a police dog, cloning was suggested as an alternative method to keeping Huahuangma’s exceptional genes alive, because China.

Cloned Chinese police dog, Kunxun, terrorising the local population
Cloned abomination seen here terrorising local population

Kunxun was cloned using genetic material from a skin sample to make an embryo that was then implanted into a beagle. According to testing, her DNA is 99.9% identical to Huahuangma’s. Wan Jiusheng, a senior researcher at Kunming Police Dog base, says that “Kunxun has shown good aptitude on sniffing, detecting and adapting unfamiliar environment in our ability tests”. In short, she is the goodest of girls.

Kunxun is the first phase in an experimental project that hopes to see mass-produced clones of high-performing dog detectives become the go-to method in police dog acquisition. The future clone wars may be more adorable than we ever could have imagined.

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