High school drama club rescinds all other priorities, adapts Alien into a play

While other, less ambitious kids try to convince their teachers to let them do a version of The Rocky Horror Show but without the sex things, Bergen High School in New Jersey turned Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi classic Alien into its annual play, including a xenomorph made of recycled junk.

“My inspiration was just that I’m a huge fan of the movie,” the school’s English teacher Perfecto Cuervo tells Entertainment Weekly.

Cuervo apparently worked two months to rewrite the original script for the stage, which necessarily required some extra scenes to accommodate prop and set changes, and collaborated with the school’s art teacher Steven Defendini and music teacher Brian Bonacci, with a team of 16 students, for the production. Despite some obvious technical limitations, the play even features the film’s iconic chestburster scene.

“Someone was hiding underneath the table with a hand puppet,” one of the audiovisual crew guys explains on Reddit. “Kane would die with a sound effect of his chest bursting open and another person squirted fake blood with a water gun. Then, a second later, the person with the hand puppet would stick their hand out.”

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