Check out Cooler Master’s sexy new MK850 gaming keyboard

Cooler Master has launched its new MK850 mechanical analogue keyboard, featuring Cherry MX switches, per-key RGB backlighting, five programmable macro keys, two programmable scrollers, multimedia keys, support for up to four profiles, and Aimpad tech.

“The MK850 is the world’s first mechanical keyboard, using Cherry MX switches, capable of sensing exactly how far down you press the key,” explains Aimpad engineer Lance Madsen. “It provides unparalleled control in even the most demanding PC games.”

Aimpad can detect key presses up to 4mm, introducing an extra 2mm of precision over other keyboards. So by adjusting how hard you press a key, you can more precisely control things like speed, pitch, and roll. SCIENCE!

The Cooler Master MK850 will be available in South Africa within the next two weeks or so, according to the press stuff, but local pricing isn’t confirmed for the moment.

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