Grimshade, by Talerock, is a JRPG-inspired game out of Russia

Grimshade, you had me at steampunk badger

A worse has befallen the kingdom and it is up to you, and your plucky band of adventurers, to achieve the mastery and win the day, but does any of that even matter when there’s a STEAMPUNK BADGER WITH A GUN?

Grimshade is a tactical, party-based RPG from Russian indie developer Talerock. They only just met their budget goal on Kickstarter, so maybe forgive some of the aesthetics and translation issues, because (as I may have already mentioned) there’s a badger, with a gun, a sniper badger.

Inspired by JRPGs of the 90s, combat is turn-based with initiative scores affecting when a character gets to take action. Party composition, equipment, skills, character relationships, and positioning all influence the effectiveness of the team. The badger’s name is Charlie.

Grimshade promises over 20 hours of gameplay and the hand-painted world does lend it an interesting aesthetic, even if you’re not into badgers (you monster).

Grimshade is now available on Steam with a 10% off promotion running until 2 April.

Badger badger badger…

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